Resources for Active Investors

Learn from Andrew & Team with Podcast Interviews, Live Q&A sessions, and a mastermind that helps active investors scale their multifamily investing businesses.

Podcast Interviews

You can find the full playlist of recent conversations on the Vantage Point Acquisitions Youtube Channel.

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Live Q&A Sessions on BiggerPockets

Andrew is a frequent BiggerPockets Contributor! You can catch him live on the BiggerPockets Instagram and Facebook pages, and the recordings will be shared on our Facebook Page as well.

Property Screening Checklist

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If you are looking to build your own multifamily real estate portfolio and could use some additional resources and support, consider joining our mastermind!

The Multifamily Accelerator is a community of active multifamily investors that meets twice a month for in-depth discussions on multifamily investing. You can learn from Andrew and his team's experience, as well as other investors from all over the country! Click the link below to find out more about membership.

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