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We provide passive investment opportunities to qualified investors. 

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For the past decade, Vantage Point Acquisitions has been helping investors build wealth by investing in solid multifamily assets. Having successfully acquired and repositioned over 1800 units, we are well versed in the process of syndicating large multifamily properties. When you invest with us, you’ll sleep well, knowing your investment is being managed by a strong syndication team with a decade of experience and a track record of success.

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A value-add strategy aligned with your investment goals

We turn apartments into beautiful communities and well performing assets. By upgrading interiors, adding amenities, and managing the properties effectively, we are able to increase the value of the properties, resulting in strong cash flow and asset appreciation for our investors.

Lynn Haven Cove (Before)

Lynn Haven Cove (After)

A rigorous vetting process to protect your capital

Each deal we present to investors has been thoroughly vetted. The rigorous vetting process includes demographics screening, financial analysis and a thorough in-person due diligence. 

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We will help you understand your investments

You need enough information to make an informed decision, and should never have to wonder how your investment is doing. Here's what you can expect when you invest with us:

Detailed Offer Summaries

to help you understand you the property and market before you invest with us

Quarterly Updates

to keep you up-to-date on our progress and how the property is performing financially.

Investor Newsletter

for periodic updates on the multifamily market, and new opportunities are on the horizon.

What our investors say about investing with us:

"I've been investing with Andrew and his team for almost 10 years and there's no other team I would trust with my investments. Using their extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, they continue to identify great investments and returns I can't find anywhere else. They operate with integrity and make it a priority to not only add value to my portfolio, but also to the communities they invest in.

I think the secret was that they made a persuasive argument on the front end and continued to deliver and reassure me all along the way. Also, they deliver the good news AND the bad news, offering solutions about how to move forward. Honesty and authenticity are tough to find in this industry! “ - Steve Ryan

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“…What I like about Andrew is that he takes a conservative approach with underwriting a deal and is focused on making the best deals, and not just a quantity of them.” Mike Campo

“They were my first syndication investment experience and I consider myself lucky for this to be the case.  Andrew's background as an engineer is evident throughout the entire process where transparency and honesty outweigh any sales pitch or promotion.  The communication and education overall was outstanding whether by emails, phone calls or video blogs.  My questions were always answered to my satisfaction and in a timely manner.  The proforma made sense and my returns matched or exceeded it consistently." - Brett Levine

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