Core Values

At Vantage Point Acquisitions, our core values guide our business decisions and directly impact our residents, team members, and investors. This means you can expect us to operate with consistency, integrity and care as we provide quality passive investment opportunities.

We value excellence over expedience. 

We believe that "How you do anything is how you do everything."  As a team, we take pride in producing high quality work and continually striving to improve.



We practice relentless persistence. 

We only do deals when we should, not just because we can. Rather than trying to find ways to make a deal work, we start off looking for all of the reasons we shouldn't do a deal. This approach requires diligence and patience. When we present an offering to investors, we truly believe it will make a great investment.



We consistently deliver. 

Our thorough, data-driven analysis and hands-on asset management allow us to consistently deliver on our promises.



We operate with integrity & transparency. 

For us, operating with integrity means doing what is right, even when it is more difficult or when no one is watching. We are also committed to communicating openly and honestly with our team and our investors.



We care about our team and our residents. 

We know multifamily investing is not just about the money. Our business affects the lives of our residents, team members and investors. While managing our teams and operating the assets, we work to balance accountability and profitability with heart and kindness.

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