Advanced Underwriting Template

Analyze deals with more detail and flexibility with our custom-built underwriting template.

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Vantage Point's Advanced Underwriting Template is Now Available!

Over the past decade, the Vantage Point Team has developed a custom underwriting template, specifically designed to model multifamily real estate syndications. 

What makes our template different?

We have added a lot of useful functionality over the years, as we encountered different situations. Our template is more comprehensive than other commercially packaged templates with a variety of flexible and dynamic features.

It goes beyond covering the basics of inputting income & expenses, allowing you to layer in more complicated factors, such as: 

  • Variable Hold Periods - Adjust the exit time
  • Equity Extraction - Model refinances & supplemental loans
  • Sponsor Carveouts & Acquisition Fees - How profitable will it be for you?
  • Returns to Investors - Will it yield the returns your investors need?

At the same time, the template keeps your analysis neatly organized with inputs and projections laid out cleanly on separate tabs.

What's Included in Your Purchase?

  • A comprehensive underwriting template that covers all the basics including detailed income, expenses, and financing options.
  • Access to step-by-step video tutorials that walk you through all model inputs, helping you build confidence in analyzing deals.
Purchase Now - $249

Please Note: This model is geared toward investors with a preliminary knowledge of analyzing real estate deals. 

Want support along with the template? 

We offer the underwriting template, both as a stand alone purchase and as part of The Multifamily Accelerator membership. Click the link below to learn more about the mastermind.

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