Company Overview

Vantage Point Acquisitions (VPACQ) is a real estate private equity firm focused on acquiring, repositioning, and operating B- to A class multifamily communities throughout the Southeast. Since 2011, VPACQ has been most active in secondary markets in Florida and Georgia and select primary markets such as Atlanta, Dallas, and Houston. As operators, VPACQ takes pride in their hands-on asset management approach and transparent investor communications throughout the life cycle of the investment.

Andrew Cushman - Principal

Andrew Cushman is a former chemical engineer who found his entrepreneurial calling in real estate. In 2007 Andrew left his corporate position to start a business in real estate investment, starting off flipping single family properties in Southern California. Sensing a shift in the market, in 2011 Andrew transitioned to multifamily acquisitions and has successfully syndicated and repositioned over 2,300 multifamily units. He is a frequent guest and panelist on Real Estate podcasts and educational forums, and recently launched The Multifamily Accelerator: a multifamily mastermind group for active and experienced Real Estate investors. Outside of the business world, Andrew has been a certified alpine ski instructor and when not working in real estate enjoys surfing, backcountry skiing, and trying to not be outwitted by his two young children.

David Osborn - Principal

David Osborn has over 25 years of experience in family office investments, real estate investments, and private equity. David is the CEO, Chairman, and founder of the 6th largest residential real estate brokerage in the USA, selling over 35,000 units with over $9 billion in sales annually. David is an operating principal and investor in five Keller Williams Regions and fourteen Market Centers. David is also an owner in over 20 real estate related ventures, he is a principal of a private equity group that has purchased over $100 million in distressed real estate assets and, he has bought and sold over 600 single family homes personally. David received his B.A. degree in Economics from the University of Texas at Austin.

Pat Hiban - Principal

Pat Hiban has been an active real estate investor and residential Realtor for over 25 years. Since 2011, Pat has been an active multifamily investor as both a general and limited partner. Outside of multifamily, Pat has been active in retail, office, industrial, and single family over the past decade. In 2011, Pat published “6 Steps to Seven Figures- a Real Estate Professional’s Guide to Building Wealth and Creating Your Own Destiny” which rose to number 6 on the New York Times Best Seller List.

Tim Rhode - Principal

Tim Rhode has over 30 years of experience in real estate. Tim started his career as a Realtor where he sold over 2,500 single family homes in an 18 year period. During that time, Tim bought and sold over 100 single family homes for his personal investment portfolio. Starting in 2011, Tim has been both a general and limited partner in multifamily investments. Tim is an active operator of both industrial and retail investments where his tenants include Auto Zone, Enterprise Rental Car, and Subway. Tim’s passions include outdoor recreation and his nonprofit 1 Life Fully Lived where he and others teach people to “Dream, Plan and LIVE” their magnificent futures.

Emily Border - Office Manager

With a varied background in the arts and performance, Emily brings her unique perspective, energy and enthusiasm to the Vantage Point team. She officially jumped into multifamily Real Estate in 2014 after graduating from Biola University with an Opera Performance degree. An "administrative Swiss army knife," her role on the team has adapted and evolved over the years, now heavily focused on investor relations. In her "spare" time, Emily still performs regularly in the Orange County and LA area, and operates a handmade business on Etsy.

Anthony Fontana - Director of Acquisitions

Anthony Fontana graduated from the University of South Carolina, Darla Moore School of Business with a BSBA and concentration in Operations Management and Finance. Anthony started his career working as a management consultant for an advisory-focused strategy, management, and technology consulting firm where he specialized in delivering process improvement and corporate strategy solutions to his clients. During that time, Anthony began investing in single-family and small multi-family properties and still operates a small portfolio in and around Atlanta, GA. Outside of professional work, Anthony sits on the Darla Moore School of Business Young Alumni Board.

Kelly Andrews - Director of Asset Management

Since joining the team in early 2019, Kelly has been involved with acquisitions, asset management, and streamlining the team’s internal operations to help the team scale. Multifamily investing has been a natural extension of her long-time fascination with cities and the built environment, which began when studying Civil & Environmental Engineering at UC Davis. Beyond work, she is an outdoor enthusiast and spends her free time running along the American River, backpacking, and hiking up in the Sierras.