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Join The Multifamily Accelerator - a mastermind that connects investors with the resources and network they need to successfully scale their multifamily portfolios.

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This is a challenging business to take on alone.

Having successfully transitioned from flipping houses to syndicating large multifamily properties, we can appreciate the challenges you face in scaling up!

That's why we launched The Multifamily Accelerator - a mastermind that connects investors with the resources and network they need to successfully scale their multifamily portfolios.

The Multifamily Accelerator community can help you:

  • Expand your network to include experienced investors from all over the country
  • Save time by learning what's working successfully for others
  • Potentially avoid costly mistakes by learning from others' hard-earned experience.
  • Build your knowledge to confidently analyze deals and manage your properties
  • Connect with like-minded investors who are just as driven and eager as you are
  • Gain clarity on where you want to go and what you need to do to get there

The Multifamily Accelerator includes:

Biweekly Mastermind Calls with Andrew & team

Engage in focused discussions with the whole mastermind every two weeks.

Private Members-Only Facebook Group

Ask questions, post deals, and get support from a community of driven real estate investors

Members Resource Site

Access recordings of past discussions, templates, and additional resources to help fill in gaps in your knowledge

Small Accountability Groups & Discussions

Small group discussions (4-7 people) for added depth, support, and accountability

We are an active community of experienced investors.

The experience of the group ranges from owning a handful of single-family houses all the way up to a few thousand apartments, with many members in between. Some members are full time investors. Others are scaling up their portfolios as a side hustle. We have all taken action in and invested in real estate, and we are all looking to do a lot more.

The Multifamily Accelerator


Membership Includes

  • A private Facebook group - to ask questions, post deals, and share resources
  • Focused Discussions & Virtual Meetups with Andrew & the whole mastermind
  • Live Underwriting and deal reviews - including Shark Tank style panel discussions
  • Access to our member resources site with recordings of past calls, useful templates, tutorials, and a fun member map to help you get to know other members
  • Andrew's custom build underwriting template with tutorials and reference guide to help you gain confidence understanding the numbers
  • Small group discussions to help you gain clarify and hold you accountable
  • And more! We are constantly evolving based on feedback from our members
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