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Do you want to learn more about buying multifamily properties and managing your own portfolio? 

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Are you interested in buying and managing Multifamily Real Estate? Could you use help and support?

In addition to the free resources on our website, we now host biweekly zoom calls for a community of active multifamily investors. Andrew leads the calls, sharing his experience and facilitating the group discussion.

Benefits of joining the Multifamily Accelerator mastermind:

  • Save time by learning what's working for others
  • Potentially avoid costly mistakes by learning from others' hard-earned experience and past mistakes
  • Build your knowledge to confidently analyze deals and manage your properties
  • Connect with like-minded investors who are also buying multifamily properties

Membership includes:

Group Discussions

Group discussions via zoom every two weeks.

Facebook Group

Ask the community questions between calls

Resources Library

Templates, past call recordings & more!

$297 per month

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